In December 2019, the Ministry for the Environment announced a proposal to raise and expand New Zealand’s waste disposal levy, improve waste data, and set out a plan for investing the increased levy revenue. The proposal is out for public consultation until 3 Feburary 2020, 5pm.

The New Zealand Product Stewardship Council have teamed up with several other zero waste organisations to create the following “Explainer“, which summarises the key elements of the Government consultation and sets out our position on the proposals. Check it out!

We also collaborated with a number of other NZ organisations committed to zero waste to create a joint submission on the Government consultation. You can read it here.

The Zero Waste Network have created a simplified, template version of this joint submission that you are free to use when preparing your own submission. It’s accessible here.

We encourage you to make a submission on this consultation – even if it’s just a short one. If implemented, the proposals would represent a positive step forward in NZ’s efforts to reduce our comparatively large waste footprint. Let’s take this opportunity to have our say!



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