The New Zealand Product Stewardship Council (NZPSC) is an independent voice,  advocating for effective, regulated product stewardship on behalf of the wider community. 

The NZPSC is comprised of:

What we do

We undertake research, analysis and commentary on product stewardship, and work with central and local government, academia, industry, NGOs, and community to investigate, develop, and implement product stewardship and related regulation for the benefit of all of society.


Policy advice and support

  • The NZPSC was represented in the Government-funded beverage container return scheme design process. Our Trustee, Trisia Farrelly represented the NZPSC on the beverage container return scheme design working group; our Coordinator, Hannah Blumhardt, represented the NZPSC on the Technical Advisory Group.

Conference appearances and presentations

In 2020, our Coordinator represented the NZPSC at the following speaking engagements

Publications, written work and submissions

Representatives of the NZPSC have authored or co-authored a variety of reports, articles and submissions to government policy on behalf of the NZPSC. For example:

Why is there a need for NZPSC?

Product Stewardship is a key component of the Waste Minimisation Act (2008), which enables the establishment of voluntary and mandatory product stewardship programmes. Effective product stewardship shifts the responsibility and cost of managing and reducing the environmental impact of products away from communities and councils and onto those who make and consume these products. When designed well, product stewardship should incentivise producers to redesign their products to reduce waste in the first place.

Product stewardship is a powerful waste minimisation tool that makes businesses more responsible for their waste. The best product stewardship schemes are likely to occur when the wider community has a voice in promoting, monitoring and designing product stewardship schemes. Experience has shown that without strong representation, community interests inevitably come second to those of industry, who are motivated to promote their own interests.

Currently, the only organised view offered to Central Government on product waste issues comes from those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. The NZPSC provides a forum for local authorities and other organisations dealing with the adverse effects of waste to share information and provide high-level input into the development of product stewardship programmes.